I am currently working on a series of lyric essays. Here are some that are available online or in print.


Really Techno

‘Ich bin einer,’ I say when my turn comes. I am one.

I’ve been here before, outside this colossal power station in Friedrichshain, just over the Spree in the old East, very near to where the Berlin Wall once stood. On previous occasions I queued with friends, the first time for three hours on a balmy Saturday night, which also happened to be the club’s birthday party. I got in just as the sun was coming up. The second time for forty minutes in midwinter, the temperature a bone-throbbing -11. Today I’m acting like a Berliner and doing it solo on an indifferent Sunday in April.

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Three Flights

This is a piece for the catalogue for a new show at the Peltz Gallery Birkbeck with writer Jean McNeil and Photographer Diego Ferrari.

Day for Night is a multimedia exhibition inspired by the landscapes inhabited in the life and thought of Frankfurt School intellectual Walter Benjamin. Text, photography and film takes the viewer on a journey from the place of Benjamin’s birth in Berlin to Capri and Naples, where he spent formative episodes of his life. The exhibition ends in Cataluñya, northern Spain, where Benjamin died while fleeing the Nazis in 1940. It documents the lasting legacy of Benjamin’s work nearly 80 years after his death.

If you visit the exhibition you can pick up a limited edition free copy.


Coming Soon

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